Outdoor Dining in NJ: How Our Restaurant Industry Can Recover

Outdoor Dining in NJ: How Our Restaurant Industry Can Recover

Outdoor Dining in NJ: How Our Restaurant Industry Can Recover 1280 850 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

Welcoming Outdoor Dining in NJ

With vaccines more widely available and herd immunity on the horizon, restaurants now have both outdoor and indoor dining options available. For those who prefer outdoor dining, restaurants in Morris County, New Jersey offer something for everyone.

Featuring historic, walkable downtowns convenient for commuting professionals, students, and families, Morris County boasts an unbeatable food scene. Here are a few examples to whet your appetite:

  • In the county seat of Morristown, you’ll find everything from elevated fine dining at Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen to award-winning burgers and more at The Commited Pig.
  • Denville’s desserts and delicious treats are waiting to be discovered, including Denville Dairy and Beignets.
  • It’s hard to beat the incredible diversity of Parsippany, including authentic dim sum at Qin Dynasty and Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine at Elmas.
  • Find yourself in Florham Park? Enjoy modern Italian eats at Lucco Cucina + Bar or traditional homemade Italian dishes from Puleo’s Brick Oven.
  • Lake Hopatcong isn’t just famous for its water sports—it’s also home to lakeside restaurants featuring fresh American cuisine like The Windlass and Alice’s.

Feeling hungry yet? Keep reading to explore the outdoor dining accommodations and options Morris County, New Jersey has to offer.

Types of Outdoor Accommodations

North Jersey outdoor dining establishments have tried to make the most of their outdoor dining spaces. Some of the amenities they are offering include:

  • Tents
  • Igloos
  • Greenhouses
  • Firepits
  • Heaters

Because New Jersey is not warm year-round, these offerings will make guests feel more comfortable and be more likely to dine al fresco. Restaurants have even taken the entertainment outside, featuring outdoor televisions and music to treat guests to an enhanced restaurant experience.

Other accommodations for COVID-19 include:

  • Setting up QR codes for guests to access menus on their mobile devices
  • Offering throwaway menus
  • Having guests tap-to-pay with a credit card
  • Enforcing mask-wearing and social distancing when not seated at a designated table

Fortunately, finding outdoor dining accommodations in Morris County is a breeze with applications such as Yelp. From breakfast and brunch to Italian and Traditional American cuisines, you’ll be sure to find options to suit your taste.

Location Fuels Opportunities

With so many beautiful locations and so many agricultural options, outdoor dining in New Jersey will surely help the restaurant industry recover. From gorgeous views to the idyllic charm of our local historical towns, the peace of the outdoors surrounds New Jerseyans as they dine al fresco.

Outdoor dining in New Jersey also benefits from the area’s agriculture. With so many vegetables grown and farmers’ markets abounding in Morris County, “farm to table” culture is an integral part of this region. The food scene also boasts a variety of diverse cultural delicacies, with delicious eats from around the world just outside your door.

New Jersey is making the best of a difficult situation, with the help of the government and various accommodations meant to aid the restaurant business’ recovery. Whether you’re enjoying brunch in one of Morris County’s small towns or sipping wine lakeside, you’ll find endless ways to enjoy northern New Jersey outdoor dining and help support the Garden State’s restaurant industry.

Learn more about life and culture in Morris County, then contact the Morris County EDC today to discuss the benefits of doing business in beautiful northern New Jersey.