Industry Spotlight: NJ Aerospace and Defense Industry

Industry Spotlight: NJ Aerospace and Defense Industry

Industry Spotlight: NJ Aerospace and Defense Industry 1280 850 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

A Closer Look at NJ’s Aerospace and Defense Industry

Morris County, New Jersey, is a powerhouse of the state’s economy and is at the heart of the aerospace and defense industry in New Jersey. In fact, the area’s research and development is in many cases renowned throughout the entire nation. Growth in this industry is also on the move, especially as compared to the nation: “Jobs for the Aerospace and Defense increased by 291 jobs (34.0%) from 2011-2016, outpacing the national growth rate of -1.9%.”

Because of the great job opportunities, the diverse offerings for housing accommodations, the wide variety of geographical experiences, the ease of transportation, as well as top public school rankings in the nation, Morris County, New Jersey, draws the best and the brightest to the area, who therefore build an incredible workforce for NJ’s aerospace and defense industry.

Benefits of Doing Business Here

This area of New Jersey offers unique attributes that make it ideal for aerospace and defense industry companies to thrive. The strong regional infrastructure provides an excellent backdrop for defense and aerospace companies in NJ, and there is a diverse workforce that aerospace and defense industry companies can draw from when building their teams. With Morris County’s close proximity to both Newark and JFK Airports, moving aerospace and defense experts in and out for professional projects and assignments is easy. Additionally, the Morris County area is well known for its high quality of life and offers many notable perks for residents who live there.

Morris County’s Aerospace Industry

With such a strong infrastructure and dynamic workforce, Morris County is on the cutting edge of the aerospace industry. Our many vibrant companies offer a plethora of services, including:

  • Designing for aircraft and helicopters
  • Creating navigation systems
  • Designing and building pressure and motion control systems
  • Building navigation indicators
  • Researching and implementing cutting edge aerospace technology

Morris County’s many dynamic companies offer various tools to the world of aerospace. For instance, Howmet Aerospace is an aluminum sheet dynamo, producing the aluminum sheet architecture used in aero engines. Nearby, L-3 Space and Navigation supplies navigation indicators, gyroscopes, control devices, and additional precision and internal navigation system materials to the global market. Breeze Eastern LLC is the world’s largest cargo hooks system manufacturer and the most influential dedicated helicopter hoist and winch provider. Additionally, Marotta Controls Inc. designs and builds pressure, motion, power, and electronic controls for both military and commercial areas.

Morris County’s Defense Industry

General Dynamics is a defense company that creates nuclear-powered submarines, communication systems, combat vehicles, and other important elements for the defense industry. LGS Innovations offers both cybersecurity and defense solutions to companies worldwide. WisEngineering LLC is in the Military and Defense Contracting services business, performing application development, systems engineering, and providing services and staff to the Department of Defense. Finally, Picatinny Arsenal is an internationally recognized hub for engineering innovation and the advancement of armament technologies.

Explore Morris County’s Aerospace and Defense Industry with the MCEDC

With the many opportunities available in the Morris County area, the aerospace and defense industry is booming. Whether engineering defense measures, creating combat vehicles, or designing helicopter winches and gyroscopes, this area is a hotbed for both research and design as well as implementation for the aerospace and defense industry.

For more information about Morris County’s aerospace and defense industry, resources for operating a business in Morris County, or Morris County’s key industries and companies, contact the Morris County EDC today!