Welcome to Morris County, New Jersey

As a Forbes “Top Ten” county, the county boasts world-class health care systems, excellent schools, both public and private (New Jersey is ranked number one in the nation for public schools) and a diversity of communities from which to choose, including walkable small towns, suburban neighborhoods and rural estates. Located along the Northeast Corridor, Morris County has an extensive road network, commuter rail stations that connect with Amtrak and bus service, providing easy access to nearby cities, including Manhattan and international airports. The county also has a regional airport with hangars and on-site customs. Residents are highly educated, communities are tight-knit and safe and there is an abundance of recreational and cultural activities, including a performing arts center and countywide trail network.

Join A Growing Community

Whether you are relocating here or considering making the county your new home, I am sure you will discover why Morris County is truly a special place. Morris County is a growing community approaching 500,000 residents. The population swells during the day with more than 300,000 employees. The county has low unemployment and median household income approaching $100,000. Morris County is home to more than 800 headquarter locations, including multi-national corporations. And with a GRP that increased from $50 billion to $53 billion in recent years, the county’s economy is third in New Jersey. The County has approximately 28 million square feet of office space and 40 million square feet of industrial space. The county is also home to four colleges and universities.

New Jersey's Economic Engine

Morris County is truly an economic engine for New Jersey and the United States. As an employment center for the region, companies in the county employ thousands of people in industries including pharmaceutical and life science, aerospace and engineering, technology, manufacturing, finance and accounting, fintech, engineering and architecture, transportation and logistics, marketing, legal professions, real estate, health care and government. The county also has a military base, Picatinny Arsenal, which is the county’s largest employer.

One feature that makes Morris County a special place is the supportive relationship between the business sector, government and not-for-profit organizations. The Morris County Chamber of Commerce is proud to have many of those organizations as members. The Morris Chamber also leads the economic development efforts for the county through the Morris County Economic Development Corporation, which is a partnership between the Chamber, the business community and the Morris County Board of Commissioners and is a testament to the commitment to creating a great place for corporations to locate and for communities to thrive.

Filled with Diversity

Although Morris County residents come from different states, countries and walks of life, they each share one thing in common – they are proud to call this great county home. We know the impact that the “power of place” can have on shaping the trajectory of our careers and the lives of our families. Create your story with us in Morris County, New Jersey and build a strong foundation for a bright future.

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We invite you to come see why this county is a great place to work, live and raise a family! We are glad that you chose Morris County.