About Morris County EDC

The Morris County Economic Development Corporation staff and initiatives assist businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or managing a multinational conglomerate, the MCEDC can help you navigate the many local, regional, state, and federal resources for business assistance. This includes workforce training, sources of financing, bespoke networking, data you need for business growth and more. Our experienced team gets you to the right agency or organization to address your needs.

Morris County By Distances

To Cities

Manhattan: 40 miles
Philadelphia: 100 miles
Washington D.C: 236 miles
Boston: 245 miles

To Airports

Newark Airport: 11 miles
La Guardia Airport : 25 miles
JFK International Airport: 32 miles
MMU Morristown Airport, General Aviation, Reliever Airport: 27 miles to Holland Tunnel

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Our marketing efforts promote the superior quality of life that residents enjoy and emphasize the infinite benefits to growing your business in this area.

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