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Manufacturing, both traditional and advanced, is vital to Morris County’s economy. It accounts for nearly 11% of the county’s GRP. Today, innovation, leading -edge technology and top talent drive advanced manufacturing processes serving multiple sectors. Morris County is committed to its diverse manufacturing base. We produce pharmaceuticals, metals, plastics, production technology, and scientific instrumentation. Morris County is an exceptional location for advanced manufacturing based on our competitive costs and available talent. Access to existing freight rail infrastructure makes the transportation of raw materials affordable and efficient for manufacturers within the county.


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  • Holland Mfg. is a full line manufacturer of water activated tapes, Blue Shield protective papers, flooring underlayment and protection, and metal packaging materials.

  • Convertech’s products have always been ahead of the industry, such as when they designed the first multibladder shafts in 1988. The company also designed differential shafts to help wind evenly. They have produced more than 20,000 different air shafts and chucks.

  • Herley CTI is focused on the manufacture of frequency generation and frequency conversion products including, complex and highly integrated systems, tactical airborne integrated frequency converter assemblies and ultrafast direct synthesizers for electronic warfare (EW), radar, satellite communication and test equipment applications.

  • Dana Poly Inc. is a manufacturer of quality polyethylene film, bags and sheet products. Among their industrial offerings are plastic bin liners, box liners, drum liners, gaylord liners, and heavy-duty pallet covers.

  • Foster and Company has fifty years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of more than 10,000 preventative maintenance products used by a client base of over 50,000. Customers include industrial firms, institutions, transportation and construction companies, schools, and government facilities.

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