Why Manufacturers in NJ Choose Morris County

Why Manufacturers in NJ Choose Morris County

Why Manufacturers in NJ Choose Morris County 1280 850 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

Reasons Morris County is Home to Reputable Manufacturers in NJ

As an industry, manufacturing is an integral component of Morris County’s economy. Comprising the 3rd largest county GRP in all of the Garden State, traditional and advanced manufacturing in Morris County draws top talent serving multiple unique sectors.

Due to its exceptional location, diverse manufacturing base, innovative technology, and supply chain infrastructure, Morris County is a top choice for manufacturing companies in NJ looking to flourish. View our infographic to discover a full list of reasons why many manufacturers in NJ choose to call Morris County home!

We Welcome Manufacturing Companies in NJ to Our County

If you’re looking to expand your current business’ operations or relocate a manufacturing business to Morris County, we can help. The Morris County EDC offers so many ways to help you take advantage of everything our county has to offer, including valuable services such as business counseling and business resources.

Don’t delay your move to New Jersey’s hidden gem. Contact the Morris County EDC to learn how we can help you join the most successful network of manufacturers in NJ!