Phase X of Morristown Airport Runway Project Set for July 2024

Phase X of Morristown Airport Runway Project Set for July 2024 1250 595 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

Phase X of Morristown Airport Runway Project Set for July 2024


The next Phase (Phase X) of RWY 5-23 Project Tentative Start Date Set for July 8 2024. Phase X includes two, full-weekend closures of RWY 5-23 for relocated threshold installation/restoration and regular nightly-closures

Phase X of our Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project focuses on the construction of a subbase bedding for an eventual Engineered Materials Arrestor System (EMAS) off the end of Runway 5, construction of a sheet pile retaining wall, relocation of the Runway 23 localizer, and installation of Runway End Identifier Lights (REILs).

To accommodate this work, the Runway 5 threshold will be relocated, temporarily shortening the runway by 1,000 feet during Phase X. The 1,000 foot, relocated portion of the Runway 5 pavement will also be rehabilitated, grooved, and re-marked during Phase X.

Assuming the project commences on the tentative start date of July 8, there will be five (5) nightly-closures (2200L – 0600L) of Runway 5-23 from July 8 through July 12. This will allow for the construction of an access road from the East side of Runway 5-23 to the Runway 5 end where the EMAS subbase construction will take place.

There will be two (2) FULL CLOSURES of Runway 5-23 to relocate and restore the Runway 5 threshold*:

• Runway 5-23 CLOSED: 2200L on July 17 through 0600L on July 22
• Runway 5-23 CLOSED: 2200L on September 6 through 0600L on September 8

There will be two, full-closures of the airport to fixed-wing traffic during the two full closures of Runway 5-23 to accommodate painting in the Runway 5-23 and 13-31 intersection.

• Airport CLOSED to fixed-wing traffic: July 20 from 0800L to 1200L
• Airport CLOSED to fixed wing traffic: September 7 from 0800L to 1200L

*These dates are tentative and subject to change due to weather, scheduling and other potential impacts

Phase X will also see 40 consecutive nightly closures (2200L – 0600L) of Runway 5-23, beginning July 23rd and running through August 31st

A full project overview, including schedule and airfield impacts, is available here

Article courtesy of Morristown Airport.