October Classes At CCM – Training for NJ Employees

October Classes At CCM – Training for NJ Employees

October Classes At CCM – Training for NJ Employees 300 225 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)


October Classes At CCM – Training for NJ Employees


Workforce Development at CCM offers grant-supported training for New Jersey employees in the areas of Business skills, Technology skills, and Manufacturing-related skills. This program is made possible through a grant from the NJ Department of Labor.  Visit this page regularly as trainings will be released by the month.

If you work for a New Jersey non-governmental business, these classes are grant-supported, and therefore, of no cost to you. See your Human Resources department for an EIN/Tax ID number. (If you do not qualify for free training, but wish to enroll as a paying student, please contact us for alternate registration instructions.)

For all questions, call 973-328-5188 or 973-328-5187, or email cbt@ccm.edu

IMPORTANT:  Once you sign up for a class, your attendance is a mandatory requirement of the grant that makes this program possible.  If you sign up, but don’t show up, for class, we will not receive grant funds. Therefore, only sign up if you are committed to attending. Please be respectful of this policy so that we may continue to offer these training opportunities to others.


Computer Basics – Oct 15 Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills – Oct 17 & 19 Exceptional Customer Service – Oct. 18 & 20 Microsoft Sharepoint – Oct 18 & 20
Participants will be introduced to varied MS Windows topics such as exploring the internet, conducting searches, how to find applications and files on your computer as well as printing. Learn how to use your PowerPoint presentations effectively and to sharpen your public speaking skills by focusing your message points, tailoring them to your audience, and conquering your jitters. Excellent service does not simply come from a friendly transaction or helpful technology—it is the result of truly understanding your customer’s expectations and putting the right guidelines and service standards in place to exceed them.  Learn to navigate through SharePoint, search documents, content, libraries and lists. Learn to update a SharePoint profile, use SharePoint with Microsoft Office and access SharePoint from mobile devices.
Implicit Bias in the Workplace – Oct 18 & 19 Google Forms – Oct 19 Becoming a Problem Solver – Oct 19 & 21 Leading With Confidence – Oct 19 & 21
We will examine how implicit bias impacts communication, relationships and decisions in the workplace.  In addition, we will discuss ways to handle situations where implicit bias is evident. You will learn how to create a form using the commands available to you within the app. Learn how to export and analyze your completed forms results in Google Sheets, as well as the advanced concept of branching, which allows you to re-direct respondents to a different set of questions based off a response to a particular question within your primary Form. We will define the differences between critical and non-critical thinking, identify your preferred thinking style, describe other thinking styles, such as left/right brain and whole mind, develop a process to build or analyze arguments and use creative techniques. Using key principles, gain knowledge on how to develop your character, become trustworthy and earn respect. You will learn how to assist others in developing their own characters. Realize your long-term success in your organization through this leadership development course.
Microsoft Office and 365 – Oct 24 & 26 PowerPoint Introduction – Oct 25 & 27 Basics in Business Writing – Oct 25 & 27 Excel Intermediate – Oct 25 & 27, Nov 1 & 3
This beginner-level course is an introduction to the most popular Microsoft Office applications: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as MS 365, the cloud-based version of the MS Office package. Master the basic features and functions of Microsoft PowerPoint, a powerful presentation tool. Perform advanced text editing, add and create graphics, modify objects and animate presentations. While writing isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite task, those who do it well definitely stand out. In this class, you will learn strategies and tips for producing clear, concise business communication to not only inform but also to drive your audience to desired action. This course will continue with Microsoft Excel topics includ­ing: Functions, Formula auditing group, Named Ranges, Database functionality, Freeze Panes, Page Break Preview, Data Validation, Filtering, Tables, a quick intro to Pivot Tables and more.