October 25th TEDx Morristown: Drawing on Your Own Creativity

October 25th TEDx Morristown: Drawing on Your Own Creativity

October 25th TEDx Morristown: Drawing on Your Own Creativity 400 225 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)



TEDx Morristown: Drawing on Your Own Creativity

October 25th, 9:30AM – 2:00PM @Madison Community Arts Center

TEDxMorristown will explore how to find and use your own creativity by exploring how successful individuals have done just that with success. Speakers come from all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds and have found creative solutions to solve problems and overcome obstacles.


Meet Our Speakers

Carolyn Dorfman:

“Becoming Creative in a Crisis”

When the pandemic hit and live performances ceased, Carolyn Dorfman did not want to lay off her 12 dancers so she (and they) had to become creative in their approach not only to their art, but to their business.

Meet Carolyn: Carolyn Dorfman is an internationally known choreographer and the founding Artistic Director of Carolyn Dorfman Dance, a company now celebrating its 40th Anniversary. Hailed with many artistic and civic awards, Carolyn has been designated a Distinguished Artist and has received several Choreography Fellowships from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. She received the Prudential Prize for Non-Profit Leadership, the Jewish Women in the Arts Award for Dance, and the Humanitarian of the Year Award from Seton Hall University plus many others. She has been a guest lecturer and teacher at countless colleges and universities both here and abroad from Rutgers University in New Brunswick to Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China.

Andy Breckman:

“Don’t Let Rejection Deter You”

Andy has more rejections than acceptances, but he never lets that affect his creative spirit. In a talk that draws heavily on his own experiences, he imparts how one can overcome negativity and achieve success.

Meet Andy: Andy Breckman is a television and film writer who is best known as the creator and executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning series Monk.  He has written screenplays for a number of comedy films including Sgt. Bilco (starring Steve Martin) and Rat Race (directed by Jerry Zucker) and if frequently hired as a “script doctor” to add humorous content to scripts by other screenwriters. He has written for Late Night with David Letterman (1982-1984) and Saturday Night Live (1983-1996) and has written for Comedy Central.

James Howard:

“Proceed and Be Bold”

Industrial designer, professor and executive director of the Black Inventor’s Hall of Fame, James Howard, will explore what drove three remarkable African Americans to accomplish what they were able to do despite tremendous adversity.

Meet James: James Howard earned his MFA from the University of Illinois, winning an international design award and landing him his first job. After several years in the corporate world, he started his own industrial design firm, Howard Design Associates, and built a client list that included some of the world’s best-known corporations including Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, and Coca-Cola. He holds a number of patents and eventually turned to college teaching in order to share his knowledge and experience with students.

Brian Bergen:

“The Art of Leading: Adapting For Maximum Results”

Brian has led on all different levels and with different objectives. His speech will focus on the dynamic nature of leadership and how one must conform to their situation and shape their leadership for maximum results.

Meet Brian: Brian Bergen graduated from West Point in 2001 and served with distinction for 8 years in the US Army. During his service he earned several honors, including the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge for actions as an Apache helicopter pilot in Iraq in 2005. Brian’s work experience after the military is a rapid progression through a variety of different positions and in different industries. These positions included roles in finance, operations management, process improvement, General Management, executive management at the Vice President level, and entrepreneurship. Brian is currently the owner of Bergen Botanicals, an interior landscape company, and is in the process of purchasing another business. His education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree from the United States Military Academy, an MBA from Rutgers Business School, and a Master of Science in the Administration of Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix.

Sarah Carlson:

“Empowering a Growth Mindset—Even if We Have Challenges With Physical Growth”

We can all find empowerment through a growth mindset—even if we have challenges with physical growth. Unsatisfied with their height, short people may feel pressured to build a sense of face and change onlookers’ perceptions. However, fleeting confidence— for example, from wearing high heels—solves neither our insecurities nor others’ quick assumptions. Our physical traits may elicit negative responses, and while we can’t always change what we don’t like about ourselves, we can celebrate the ways we stand out for how they challenge us to explore different paths and devise novel solutions. This talk aims to help us evolve from having a fixed to a growth mindset by offering steps for creative problem-solving: what allows us to challenge closed-mindedness and continuously learn from others as we pursue forward-thinking ideas.

Meet Sarah:  Sarah Carlson, a recent graduate of the University of Delaware, works on the merchant team at Bergdorf Goodman, where she enjoys challenges with creative and concrete thinking. Past accolades include recognition as a two-time winner of the Fashion Scholarship Fund—where she was featured in The New York Times—and a scholar recipient of the National Retail Federation Foundation.

Conor Evans:

“Creating & Controlling Momentum through Understanding Underlying Industry Fundamentals”

The real estate industry, and construction specifically, is inherently fast paced.  However, given the significant risks associated with the otherwise zero-sum game, operating models have traditionally been static – thus stymying momentum and working against the underlying dynamics of the industry.  Applying the structure of his military experience and engineering mind, liberal arts and business education, calculation and acceptance of risk, and otherwise fluid nature, Conor explores and shares how the application of creative thinking born from deep analysis and understanding of industry fundamentals has spurred team, client, and organizational success over his career building structures and teams throughout the world, to include war torn Northern Uganda.

Meet Conor: Conor is a builder at heart, it is who he is.  He loves to build structures, teams, and communities from idea to reality. With a liberal arts degree from Virginia Military Institute and MBA from the University of Notre Dame, he takes an unconventional approach to building creatively and innovatively in an otherwise tried and true, risk adverse industry. Actively involved in Morris County, Conor sits on the Board of Trustees for the Morristown Club and is a member of several other key civic organizations such as The Board of Trustees for Morris Arts, Board Member for Morris County Agricultural Development Board, Chairman of the Real Estate Committee for Morris County Chamber of Commerce, and Real Estate Committee Member for United Way of North Jersey Real Estate. Conor genuinely loves to build – structures, teams, and communities.

Tereill Peay:

“How to simplify your ideas for success”

The mindset of abundance is based on my top three principals of complexion to reframe your negative thoughts and allow your creativity to flow through with ease. Tereill Peay will discuss her F.O.C.U.S. Framework, which is one of the things that have helped her the most to accomplish finishing her work. She has used this for creating success in her business, in writing her book, and in composing music.

Meet Tereill: Tereill Peay is the author of My Broken Stiletto, a woman’s guide to up-leveling your faith, finances, and fashion, Podcast Host of the Tee Tea Streets Show, and CEO of Tereill Renee Consulting LLC and TAZ Publishing where she helps authors and entrepreneurs create their stories and build businesses around their brand. Tereill’s mission is to make sure no entrepreneur is left behind. She shows how to get unstuck in your business so that you can live your wildest dreams with ease and flow.