Morris County, State and Local Officials Tour Suburban Propane

Morris County, State and Local Officials Tour Suburban Propane

Morris County, State and Local Officials Tour Suburban Propane 2560 1950 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)


Morris County, State and Local Officials Tour Suburban Propane


The Morris County Board of County Commissioners joined New Jersey legislators, local officials and the Morris County Chamber of Commerce in a tour of Suburban Propane’s Whippany headquarters today to learn more about the firm’s energy production and clean-energy developments.

“We greatly appreciate the opportunity to host today’s Morris County Chamber of Commerce meeting, and to have this rare moment to share our work with our state and local representatives,” said Michael Stivala, President and CEO of Suburban Propane. “For almost 95 years, commitment to our local communities has been at the forefront of our company values, and we look forward to supporting our community well into the future through our growing relationship with the Chamber.”

Suburban Propane 8 3 2022 7.jpgStivala spoke to the group about Suburban’s growth over the years and its efforts to promote propane as a clean-energy resource, noting its potential “is often overlooked” as the national debate moves forward on transitioning to energy sources that reduce carbon outputs.

Commissioner Director Tayfun Selen, Deputy Director John Krickus and Commissioner Stephen Shaw joined the visit with state Sen. Anthony Bucco and Assemblywoman Aura Dunn. Among the local officials were Hanover Mayor John L. Ferramosca and Committeeman Ronald Francioli, Florham Park Mayor Mark Taylor and Washington Township Mayor Matt Murello.

Representing the Morris County Chamber of Commerce were Vice President Michael Stanzilis, who is also Mount Arlington’s mayor, and Craig Schlosser, Vice President of the Morris County Economic Development  Corporation.Suburban Propane 8 3 2022 3.jpg

“Morris County has always been supportive of the businesses, both small and large, that keep our local economy vibrant. We work to keep communicating with our business community to understand the challenges they face in this volatile economy and how we may help,” said Director Selen.

“Today, we renewed our acquaintance with Suburban Propane, a national distributor and marketer of energy products that has been operating in the region for almost a century and is headquartered right in our backyard in Whippany. Commissioner Stephen Shaw and Deputy Director John Krickus toured the facility with me today, and we were intrigued by how Suburban is employing new technologies with its energy resources, and we were impressed to see the company continuing its charitable and community outreach efforts,” Selen added.

The tour included an inspection and demonstration of Suburban’s “Bobtails,” the easily recognized vehicles by which the company safely distributes its propane.

For more information about Suburban Propane, and their ongoing commitment to community service in New Jersey and around the nation, please visit

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Top Left: Director Selen (left) and Deputy Director Krickus (right) chat with Michael Stivala, President and CEO of Suburban Propane.

Center Right: Two “Bobtail” distribution trucks outside Suburban Propane Headquarters in Whippany.

Bottom:  State, County and local officials join Morris County Chamber representatives and Suburban Propane executives for a photo in front of two “Bobtails.”