Morris County Jobs Forecast [2022 Edition]

Morris County Jobs Forecast [2022 Edition]

Morris County Jobs Forecast [2022 Edition] 1280 850 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

Top Industries & Jobs in Morris County, NJ

Morris County, New Jersey, is a phenomenal place for businesses and professionals looking to grow their career prospects. The area enjoys many Fortune 500 companies, thriving startups, and small businesses, as well as ample capital, commercial space, and a talented workforce. Not to mention, Morris County’s convenient location provides unparalleled access to some of the strongest communities and most influential business ecosystems in the world.

Keep reading to discover the top industries and jobs in Morris County to watch in 2022!

Morris County Job Market Overview

Overall, the Morris County job market boasts a positive outlook as we embark into 2022. The total labor force consists of approximately 260,505 individuals (Source: Chmura Economics, 2016), compared to a total population consisting of 492,276 individuals (Source: US Census, 2016).

Many employees with jobs in Morris County work at one of our top 12 employers, listed below with their number of total full-time employees (Source: Morris County Dept. of Planning and Public Works, May 2019 Survey):

  • Atlantic Health Systems (6,140)
  • Picatinny Arsenal (6,000)
  • Novartis (4,900)
  • ADP (2,690)
  • Bayer (2,400)
  • Accenture (1,865)
  • Barclays (1,800)
  • Honeywell (1,704)
  • Allergan (1,627)
  • St. Clare’s Health System (1,565)
  • County of Morris (1,462)
  • PwC (1,412)

Top Industries in Morris County

Life Sciences

Morris County is a central hub for New Jersey’s biotechnology industry and has emerged as a nationally recognized life sciences hub. Many Morris County jobs have been created by the presence of global companies including Novartis, Bayer, Alvogen, Allergan, Euroimmun US, Pfizer, LEO Pharma, and Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Our area’s strong core group of major biotech firms has supported a unique sense of community, encouraging opportunities for funding, networking, and business growth.


The information technology sector also directly supports almost 23,000 Morris County jobs. The county has many strengths in the IT sector, including software development and publishing, cyber security, wireless technologies and applications, and interactive media development and technologies. FinTech is also expected to continue growing in 2022.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics is another growing industry sector supporting many jobs in Morris County. The county’s location uniquely positions itself as a prime access point to major north-south and east-west transportation routes, and existing infrastructure makes it easy for businesses to serve local and regional customers.

Financial Services

Many Morris County jobs are involved with the financial services industry. Over 16,000 employees in the area work in banking, investments, and insurance, and the county’s diverse financial services base consists of over 950 companies.


The healthcare and wellness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in our area, boasting a $3.8 billion annual GRP and 3.2% job growth in 2020. 34,500 employees enjoy healthcare jobs in Morris County at 1,600 companies across the entire region.


In addition, many Morris County jobs are supported by traditional and advanced manufacturing, a sector that accounts for nearly 11% of the county’s GRP. The county’s exceptional location, competitive costs, available talent, and access to existing freight rail infrastructure make it an industry leader for manufacturing processes to service many sectors.

Aerospace and Defense

Finally, the county’s competitive advantage in aerospace and related industries will continue to support many Morris County jobs in 2022 and beyond. Morris County’s reservoir of skilled talent and expansive ecosystem of aerospace supplier firms make it an unmatched area for researching, creating, and exporting aerospace-related technologies, products, services, and processes.

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