Morris County Hiking Trails: Plan Your Trip

Morris County Hiking Trails: Plan Your Trip

Morris County Hiking Trails: Plan Your Trip Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

Enjoy These Morris County Hiking Trails on Your Next Outing

Morris County is filled with a variety of activities to enjoy, and hikers in particular, will be extremely satisfied with the many exceptional experiences the Morris County hiking trails have to offer. These are the best hiking spots in New Jersey, and with the wide variety of trails to explore, there is truly something for everyone. The Morris County Park Commission is correct in thinking that you can truly “Enjoy the experience!”

Southern Morris County Hiking Trails

Morris County’s hiking trails are second to none, and there are many fantastic hiking trails in southern Morris County specifically.

The Great Swamp

The Great Swamp, with close to 11.5 miles of trails, is an excellent place to birdwatch while you hike. There are observation blinds along the way and an observation overlook, from which you can enjoy not only the natural scenery but also observe wildlife.

Patriot’s Path

Built to preserve the Whippany River, Patriot’s Path is situated on nearly 300 acres, and boasts nearly 75 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. Many of the trails are reinforced with crushed stone or gravel and you can enjoy a leisurely hike along the river. This is a part of the Troy Meadow Wetlands, a National Natural Wildlife Preserve. Points of interest along Patriot’s Path include the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, Acorn Hall, Jockey Hollow, and more.

Loantaka Brook Reservation

If you would like a place that has something for everyone, Loantaka Brook Reservation is for you. This flat 9.9 mile trail takes hikers through 4 specific regions in the area, and it offers a pleasant way to see all that southern Morris County has to offer.

Hacklebarney State Park

Equally as popular and majestic, Hacklebarney State Park boasts 9 hiking trails to help you make your way around the Black River, which is one of the most beautiful places in Morris County. If you visit the state park during the fall season, don’t forget to stop off at Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill for a cider donut and refreshing apple cider beverage.

Northern Morris County Hiking Trails

Hiking trails in Northern Morris County, New Jersey, contain many gems, including:

Tourne County Park

Tourne County Park offers nearly 11 miles of trails that will show you a variety of what northern Morris County has to offer. Special features include Denture Rock and Mouse Cradle Rock, as well as views of the New York City skyline.

Farny State Park

Farny State Park features pristine forested wilderness, beautiful streams, and hiking trails for every ability. Split Rock Reservoir is adjacent to Farny State Park, offering beautiful views. The area is also prime for activities beyond hiking, including kayaking, canoeing, boating, and fishing.

Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area

Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area may be in a class of its own when it comes to the best hiking spots in New Jersey. The area contains nearly 1,700 acres of fields, forests, rocks, and wetlands, and at the highest point in the park there is an awe-inspiring view of the New York City skyline. Here, you’ll learn about the Wisconsin Glacier at the Visitor’s Center, along with a plethora of other historical facts. Additionally, Tripod Rock and Bear Rock are sites that many hikers want to visit. If you are an advanced hiker, the Kincaid Access Area will challenge and thrill you.

Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area boasts many activities that visitors of all ages will enjoy, including:

  • Easier and moderate hiking trails
  • Advanced hiking trails
  • Bird-watching areas
  • Snowshoeing areas
  • Nature trails
  • Scenic views

Enjoy the Outdoors in Morris County, New Jersey

Whether you are up for a leisurely stroll or want more challenging terrain, Morris County, New Jersey’s hiking trails offer what you are looking for. From glaciers to rivers and everything in between, it’s no secret that the best hiking spots in New Jersey are located right here in Morris County.

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