Impending Economic Disruptor: BlockChain and the CryptoEconomy

Impending Economic Disruptor: BlockChain and the CryptoEconomy

Impending Economic Disruptor: BlockChain and the CryptoEconomy 150 150 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

Imagine a technology that could preserve our freedom to choose for ourselves and our families, to express these choices in the world and to control our destiny no matter our past?  Welcome to the Blockchain Revolution.

Blockchain provides the ultimate paradigm shift of moving from institutions and middle men to empowering ourselves.  And this was the genesis for the 2017 Block & Coin Summit – Navigating the Cryptoconomy hosted by The Morris Tech Meetup and The Morris County Economic Development Corporation.

The Keynote Speaker was Alex Mashinsky, Founder/CEO of Celsius, a P2P decentralized credit protocol based on smart contract technology. Alex is an investor, ICO advisor and early entrepreneurial leader in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industries.

There were two panels. Panel One was called Trends in Cryptocurrency and was moderated by David Postolski of Gearhart Law.  This panel explored much of the excitement and confusion around the cryptocurrency space. One of the topics discussed was what it means to businesses (and investors) to go through an Initial Coin Offering (ICOs).  This seems to be another way for start up businesses or business in acceleration mode to go out and raise additional revenue.  Of course there are regulations from the industry and the government.  There were some great tips to proceed with an ICO shared including the need for a Syndicate and what that costs. Another question discusses was if Cryptocurrency was a speculative (investment) or was it utilitarian (money).  It is getting challenging for people to use it as a true currency when it has been so valuable as an investment. The question of regulation is still very much up in the air as well as the overall impact of the so called ‘Dark Web’.

The second panel was regarding trends in Blockchain and was moderated by David Sorin of McCarter & English. This panel explored the underlying foundation that makes it all happen. Topics included an overview on the business model cases best able to take advantage of the Blockchain.  Also discussed was the power and capabilities of Smart Contracts and how are they being used.  An overview of the technological proficiency and concerns were discussed that create these secure contracts that will be a major disruptor to many industries that are quite successful today. Blockchain is a major technology that will develop a more efficient way of doing business.

Mark Baskin. Leader of the event, showed an interview that he had with Richie Etwaru, keynote of ‘The ‘Trends in Blockchain’.  You can watch the interview in four parts by clicking the link below.

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Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Video Part 3

Video Part 4

Stay tuned for information on our next cryptoeconomy event.

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