ICYMI: Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Announces Grant Funding

ICYMI: Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Announces Grant Funding 2000 300 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

ICYMI: Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Announces Award of Nearly $400 Million in Capital Facilities Grant Funding to Support Higher Education Infrastructure Improvements Across New Jersey

Grant Funding Awarded for 54 Projects Statewide
TRENTON – Today the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education announced the award of nearly $400 million in capital facilities grant funding as part of the joint solicitation of four revolving Capital Facilities Bond programs. The 54 projects awarded will support the growing infrastructure and technology needs of New Jersey’s higher education sector to continue advancing access to high-quality postsecondary education.“New Jersey remains committed to investing in our students, so that more bright young people are motivated to pursue a higher education right here in our state,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “In many respects, that starts with campus facilities and resources. By funding capital improvement projects that both revitalize and expand campus offerings, we not only affirm our commitment to high-quality postsecondary education but demonstrate a commitment to growing talent across the Garden State.”“Our institutions of higher education are critical economic engines and play an essential role in educating and training the next generation of New Jersey’s workforce,” said Secretary of Higher Education Dr. Brian K. Bridges. “Their success depends upon the ability to provide the 21st century learning environments that today’s students demand from a higher education experience. Through these grant awards, campuses will be able to fund repairs, enhance their physical locations, and build for the future.”

The four revolving bond programs through which funding is being released are the Higher Education Capital Improvement Fund (CIF), the Higher Education Facilities Trust Fund (HEFT), the Higher Education Equipment Leasing Fund (ELF), and the Higher Education Technology Infrastructure Fund (HETI). Established by the Legislature, these bond programs form a critical piece of New Jersey’s commitment to directly address funding for the preservation, renewal, and construction of facilities and equipment at New Jersey’s institutions of higher education as well as their technology needs.

“Since 1994, New Jersey’s CIF, HEFT, ELF, and HETI grant programs have provided approximately $1.7 billion in State-supported investment in New Jersey’s colleges and universities,” said Executive Director of the New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority Sheryl Stitt. “Today’s announcement of an additional nearly $400 million in grant awards demonstrates a continued commitment to providing modernized classrooms, labs, and technological infrastructure at New Jersey’s colleges and universities that are on par with the best schools in the world. The New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority is honored to play a part in these important programs and to work in partnership with Secretary Bridges, Governor Murphy, and their teams. Congratulations to all the institutions receiving funds through this competitive grant cycle.”

The nearly $400 million in grant funding will help enhance the postsecondary experience in New Jersey with awards to facilitate the transformation of campus spaces to meet the needs of 21st century learners. This includes projects to create flexible, multi-purpose spaces, which offer both physical space and state-of-the-art connectivity able to support virtual learning, research, and collaboration.

Grant funding is being awarded from each bond program as follows:

  • Higher Education Capital Improvement Fund (CIF) –  $190.9 million for 10 awards
  • Higher Education Facilities Trust Fund (HEFT) – $89.6 million for 5 awards
  • Higher Education Equipment Leasing Fund (ELF) – $82 million for 25 awards
  • Higher Education Technology Infrastructure Fund (HETI) – $32.5 million for 24 awards

* A total of 64 awards have been issued across the 54 projects, with 8 projects receiving funding from two or more of the bond programs. Note, a total of $86.9 million in funding was available for the ELF bond program. Eligible funding requests resulted in a total of $81.9 million being awarded to applicants.

“We want to make sure our educational institutions remain competitive in order to keep our talented New Jersey students close to home, as well as attract out-of-state students,” said Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin. “By investing in high-need fields like engineering and healthcare, and modernizing and upgrading classrooms, we ensure that New Jersey’s colleges and universities will advance learning and innovation.  Increased investment in education leads to greater economic growth, which will benefit all residents.”

“This funding is part of our commitment to provide quality higher education in New Jersey,” said Assembly Higher Education Committee Chair Mila Jasey. “New Jersey schools need new resources and investments to stay competitive, and our current and prospective students will benefit from having access to improved facilities and classroom equipment.”

“This is an investment in our future that will help sustain the excellence of New Jersey’s colleges and universities for generations to come,” said Senator Andrew Zwicker. “Campus facilities and resources are key components of a quality education that provides our students with the skills and abilities needed to compete in the rapidly evolving workforce.”

The full award list is available here.