How to Donate to Morris County’s Interfaith Food Pantry 

How to Donate to Morris County’s Interfaith Food Pantry 

How to Donate to Morris County’s Interfaith Food Pantry  1280 850 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

Make a Difference This Thanksgiving with the Interfaith Food Pantry

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Morris County is a wonderful experience, particularly when you’re surrounded by family, friends, and the wonderful things our county has to offer. However, this time of year also offers us an opportunity to give thanks for everything we have—and lend a helping hand to our neighbors who may have less than us.

Today we’re shining a spotlight on the Interfaith Food Pantry Network, an influential Morris County food bank making an impact on thousands of residents’ lives. Keep reading to learn how to donate, volunteer your time, and give back to our local community!

History of the Interfaith Food Pantry

The Interfaith Food Pantry Network is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1994 by four area houses of worship: Notre Dame of Mt Carmel (Cedar Knolls), First Baptist Church of Morristown, Assumption Church (Morristown), and St. Margaret‘s Church (Morristown). For over 25 years, the organization has helped provide Morris County residents with access to food, education, and other helpful resources.

As a leader in the fight against hunger throughout Morris County, the Interfaith Food Pantry Network has a tremendous impact on the local community; during 2020 alone, it donated over 1.2 million pounds of food to help the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, it continues to assist Morris County residents in need by providing access to food, nutrition education, and related resources, offering hands-on opportunities for residents to help their neighbors, and educating the public about hunger and food insecurity in our area.

How to Help

There are many ways to assist the Interfaith Food Pantry Network in their fight against hunger in Morris County. These include:

Give Back in Morris County Today

Our area is not only a highly desirable place to live and work—it also boasts many generous residents looking to get involved with local charitable organizations. There are so many ways to support your local community here in Morris County, including supporting Morris County food banks like the Interfaith Pantry Network.

For more information about relocating to Morris County, starting or expanding a business here, or other helpful resources, contact the Morris County EDC today!