How to Build Your Professional Network in Morris County, NJ

How to Build Your Professional Network in Morris County, NJ

How to Build Your Professional Network in Morris County, NJ 1280 850 Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

How to Build Your Professional Network in Morris County, NJ

Grow Your Professional Network with Our Outstanding Networking Opportunities

Morris County, NJ, is the second wealthiest county in the state of New Jersey. Notable companies to operate out of Morris County include Atlantic Health Systems, Picatinny Arsenal, Novartis, ADP, Honeywell, and more. In addition, the 2022 job forecast is looking strong and is only on the rise from here.

As fortunate as we are to live and work in Morris County, with impressive access to top talent and companies across many industries, the professional network you build should not necessarily be limited to your local community. Even though there are many professional networking opportunities locally, professional networking means making connections with people worldwide.

The benefits of professional networking are tremendous. If you want to learn how to build your professional network, read on for more helpful tips.

Tip 1: Join Professional Associations

Join professional associations that have local chapters or are located nearby. You can easily find professional associations online by using Google or other professional networking directories. There are hundreds of professional associations to choose from, many of which have local chapters near you.

One excellent option is the Morris County Economic Development Corporation. Businesses from a range of membership levels can benefit from our initiatives, including assistance relocating a business to Morris County, workforce and jobs programs, business counseling, and more.

Tip 2: Participate in Professional Association Activities

Another great way to build your professional network in Morris County, NJ, is to participate in professional association activities. Most professional associations encourage partners to participate in professional development opportunities and professional meetings related to the association’s mission statement. The best way to network with professional association partners is to show up.

If you don’t know what professional activities or meetings are occurring, find out by attending professional association events and asking people about upcoming opportunities, or contact organizations such as the Morris County Chamber of Commerce and the Morris County Economic Development Corporation.

Tip 3: Attend Local Networking Events

Another way to expand your professional network is to attend local networking events. Networking events allow you to meet & greet with like-minded professionals both within and outside of your field.

Here in Morris County, we’re lucky to have access to a number of networking events and professional development initiatives taking place at our local chamber of commerce as well as local libraries, universities, and community centers. Many of these events are reasonably priced, proving an invaluable resource for professionals to invest in themselves. In addition, these professional networking opportunities are great ways to meet professional association partners and other professionals in your area.

For a complete list of Morris County professional networking events, view the Morris County Chamber + EDC’s events calendar.

Live, Work, and Thrive in Morris County

Living and working in one of NJ’s finest municipalities can surely improve your quality of life and expand your professional network. Let the Morris County EDC help connect you with other area professionals and give you the support your business needs. Contact us today!