Census Bureau Webinars Business Data – From Public School Funding to Employment

Census Bureau Webinars Business Data – From Public School Funding to Employment

Census Bureau Webinars Business Data – From Public School Funding to Employment Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)


Census Bureau Webinars Cover Business Data From Public School Funding to Employment


You may want to know how much money goes to public schools in your county. Or how many people work in restaurants in your state. Or even retail sales in your area.

The U.S. Census Bureau can meet all your business data needs.

Although mostly known for its count of the nation’s population every 10 years, the Census Bureau also produces more than 100 surveys, many on economic subjects from employment and sales to business size, public spending and foreign trade.

To navigate its vast business data offerings, the Census Bureau’s economic divisions are continuing their monthly Exploring Census Data webinar series that will help data users find statistics on topics of interest.

How Webinars Can Help You

The webinars not only focus on data directly related to a topic but also guide users to related, less visible data.

For example, data users may already know retail data is available from the Annual Retail Trade Survey. But they may not be aware of other sources of statistics such as the Small Business Pulse Survey, which helps gauge the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on retail businesses — information that enriches other retail data by providing a more current picture of the industry.

The webinars also aim to show ways to access data quickly, cutting the time users spend looking for the numbers they need.

Asked and Answered

All webinars offer participants the opportunity to ask Census Bureau experts questions during a live Q&A segment.

Questions can be submitted during the presentation via the chat feature or by telephone at the end of the webinar.

Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

The first in the series, on the Services sector, is set to go live April 28. This webinar dives into key data available on this sector and the workers within the industries. Other webinars in the series will be available monthly.

Exploring Economic Data by Topic - Webinar Table

More Resources

The Census Academy is a central hub for upcoming webinars on ways to access census data. It also just launched the 2022 Back to Data Basics Webinar Series to help guide novice data users.

All webinars are recorded and posted, and slides and transcripts are downloadable.

Article Courtesy of Lynda Lee with the U.S. Census Bureau.