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MAIN Library Alliance

Sustainability, cooperation, transparency are the benchmarks of the Main Library Alliance.

Member libraries support lifelong learning, deliver literacy in its many forms, and strengthen communities. Main empowers member libraries by offering cost-effective, high-quality services.

Main Library Alliance libraries welcome everyone – all ages, genders, orientations, abilities and backgrounds – in spaces that are comfortable and safe. Member libraries represent the diverse communities they serve with materials, resources and activities that actively encourage learning and understanding.

Member libraries aim to:

Empower communities with information they need to improve their lives
Promote libraries as places of discovery and individual transformation
Increase organizational diversity in the staff, board of trustees and collections to better represent all populations within the community
Member libraries are committed to:

Diversity – the presence and celebration of differences that enrich our lives, including identity-focused characteristics, such as race, gender, disability or age.

Equity – the presence of and commitment to fair treatment, access and opportunity for all, where individuals are not at a disadvantage because of their identities.

Inclusion – commitment to diversity and equity is at the center of efforts to build a culture that fosters feelings of belonging and honors the differences of patrons, partners and colleagues. Inclusion ensures that individuals with different identities are valued and welcome at all member libraries.

Main’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) means that our differences drive our need to be inclusive, respectful of each other and recognize Main’s professional and ethical responsibilities to honor every individual’s right to be different.


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